Thursday, April 2, 2009

TV This and That (Part One)

If you read this blog chances are you read my "main" family blog and know what a bad blogger I've been. Times 3. But I've also been a bad television viewer. I'm far behind and watch sporadically - making it hard to blog about what I'm watching so this will be pretty random.
Brothers & Sisters - Even with the gimmick of the big "death" (Sorry, I don't feel like Robert's heart stopping for a few seconds counts as a death), I still LOVE this show!
Amazing Race - I very rarely like the young couples on Amazing Race but I was sad to see the young couple go (you remember the couple that were NICE to each other? I kind of have no opinions of who I want to win from the remaining teams. I would kind of like to see the siblings go home (only because of the brother half). I can tell you that I will NEVER go on this show due to the fact that I am scared of heights and there is a big chance I'd have to face this fear. I'm okay with being scared of heights for the rest of my life, no need to face it.

Dancing with the Stars/American Idol - Combined because we just kind of catch these shows whenever. No need for gasps. They are on ALL the time, chances are when we turn the television on, I'll see a. someone with a microphone b. someone with a spray on tan with a skimpy outfit or c. judges. BUT I'm rooting for Melissa on DWTS of course because I did invest lots of time over the past couple of months to...
The Bachelor - I know so many of you are all "I'm never watching The Bachelor again". I won't say it and I never have because there is no way I could ever NOT watch. Two things that make it even more fun to watch 1. Playing a game by ranking the "contestants" and 2. Facebook - people I would have never guessed watch this show updated their status talking about Jason and the show, instantly "Jason Mesnick is a (well, you can imagine some of the things that went here" groups were formed and if you check out Lexicon on FB, there is a huge spike of "Bachelor" and "Jason" on March 2nd. (I actually typed this out a couple of weeks ago and am editing it, but thought I'd leave this on it).

Lost - I love it. I don't care if it makes my head spin.
Chuck - WATCH THIS SHOW! You aren't listening to me people and it they might cancel it all because of you. Just like they did...
Pushing Daisies - Someday they'll put the finale on and hopefully they were able to give it a proper send off. I don't like how they cancel shows where they can't tie up loose ends.
Fringe - Somewhere along the way this show grew on me but it hasn't been on in FOREVER! I did see some sneak peek photos on Facebook so I know they are still filming.
Friday Night Lights = 2 more seasons Woo Hoo!
That's it for now. Maybe I'll post about some of the other shows I'm watching in the next few days...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Hi From Bob"

My friend Cindy is at a meeting in KC for work and surprised me with this little picture today:
Love him and that show!

Also, how bad have I been about posting on this site? Please check out my other blog - baby Leighton is getting a heart transplant and is needing prayers. Also the second post is an article I wrote on CF and Mackenzie.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Game On!

If there was a way to play a game with every single show I watched I would - because it makes it so much more fun! Even though I'm starting out losing - I'm having a great time.

Diane - after past performances in the game, I'm glad to see you winning! Click on the picture to enlarge it. I've left a few comments below - leave any comments you had about the show and don't forget to go to Lincee's Recap when it's up and Chris' Blog!

UPDATE: Can we please get more Chris Harrison?! From his blog: "So wait a minute. Our little Jason, quiet, little shy Jason got four kisses in one week. Well played, sir...well played! I mean how dare you, sir, how dare you!"
Just a few thoughts on the show last night - the slow motion removal of the shirt was cracking me up!

A few of the girls I didn't have much of an opinion of last week I really like. A few of the girls I didn't like at all last week, I like even less this week.

Natalie reminds me so much of Tina Fabulous.

When Jason was talking to Nikki the night of the rose ceremony was he referring to her personality or her chest when he said "You've got amazing qualities and they're obvious".

Previews for next week - I teared up a bit when Stephanie saw Sophia on the beach!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

She's Baaack!

Just watched a super long preview of the new Bachelor and Deanna comes back and says she thinks she made a mistake. What!? Anyway, can't wait...anyone want to play the game this time?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another See Ya! Hooray!

No time to look for pictures or post much but so glad Brady went home on The Biggest Loser tonight - 1 down, 2 to go - PLEASE let Heba and Vicki be next!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

See Ya!

I've been so bad about posting on this blog! Most of the few of you that actually read this don't watch this show but I still have to say...

I was so glad to see Kelly and Christy go last night on The Amazing Race!!
I hope this couple is the next to go (I like Sarah, but Terence - not so much!)

Other than that, I have no preference on who wins! Maybe the mother/son team? Does anyone else watch this?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

99 Balloons

A shortened version of this was on Oprah yesterday and I cried right along with Oprah and Celine Dion...after the commercial break I was surprised to see the family lives in Fayetteville. They are doing a follow up on the live show Friday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Office Deleted Scenes (1 of 2)

The Office Deleted Scenes (2 of 2)

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office

I so enjoyed last night! If you do not watch this show, WHY NOT?? I have the first three seasons (and need to buy the fourth) if you want to give it a chance - you will not be disappointed. Just let me know...Funny thing is - Jason's boss has the first two seasons so I'd have to get them back from her!

I can't pick a favorite part from last night, too many!

I also left a long comment on my last post to let Mitzi know Lindsay did the header and to tell Terri all about Fringe (how the first episode was kind of freaky scary, the second episode was VERY freaky scary...9 month gestation period in a matter of minutes freaky scary, and the third episode not freaky scary at all really), but I don't know what happened to it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

National Rev Up the DVR Week

So ABC calls it National Stay at Home Week - and that sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately that's impossible. So, the DVR is back to working overtime. Last night was the first of many nights that one DVR is not sufficient. Unfortunately, I don't think Jason will EVER be on board with the addition of a second. His argument, if I can't record two shows and watch a third (live if I HAVE to) and be okay, I'm probably watching too much television. My next argument will be that since now there are so many more high def channels, which takes up so much more room on the DVR we really should have a second. I'm not even asking for three - like Jen has!
Snagged a little Facebook Flair for the rest of this post...

YAY - Fringe wasn't as creepy last night so it's still in the rotation. Probably would keep it even if it was creepy because Joshua Jackson does 'dripping with sarcasm' so well.

One more day...

I seriously looked for a countdown ticker for The Office yesterday - I think I'm most excited for it to return. I'm excited about Grey's (previews have been good) and Survivor (especially since it will be in HD). Thursday night is going to be fantastic! Here's a little The Office Flair in closing...

Thanks Lindsay!

Look what Lindsay made for me! My new header, or banner, or title - whatever it's called I'm so excited!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Television Tonight

Emmy Awards see my picks, click HERE.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

SNL Palin/Clinton Skit

I'm not sure why but it started showing a different clip instead - to see it, click the link in the post below.

SNL Palin & Clinton Skit

I'm having trouble "sharing" this video with you from NBC's, if you missed it last night click HERE for a little laugh!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New :60 ABC Fall Promo 2008 - Extended!

I have been meaning to post this video of the ABC show montage commercial! So exciting!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

That Funny Funny Gossip Girl

"What's this? Chuck's date and Blair's date are mother and son? And Nate and Blair are exes? And Nate and the mother are in a book club? Now there's a novel plot twist."

Monday, September 8, 2008

One Week Down

Well, week one of new television has come and gone and unfortunately I was so busy last week I feel like I only half watched everything!

Gossip Girl (half watched) is such a visually pretty show to watch - not just with all the beautiful people but the sets too. That white party was fun and reminded me a bit of the Gilmore Girl "You Jump, I Jump, Jack" episode when Rory went to do the story on the "Life and Death Brigade" (one of my favorite episodes!). I did see enough to know Nate is "dating" that woman that dated Mitch on Dawson's Creek, Chris on Gilmore Girls and Dr. Carter on ER. I recorded the rerun yesterday just in case I have time to really watch it.

90210 I will continue to watch 90210! If for Brenda and Kelly only but that Annie character sure was cute too!


America's Next Top Model I blame it all on those silly marathons that I watch this show! Again, but I'm hoping The Soup recorded Friday night because I think they are going to have A LOT of material to work with.


Top Design Haven't watched it yet. Hoping it's not the yawn of a season the first one was (of course I'll watch it even if it is).

Fringe I think all I'm adding to the rotation this week is Fringe, tomorrow night. Although Privledged caught my eye, I may give it a try too.

Saturday Night Live I almost forgot! SNL back on Saturday night hosted by Michael Phelps! Can't wait! One of my favorite hosts was Peyton Manning - he did such a great job, I hope Michael does too.

What have you thought so far? Are you going to watch that human tetris show?

I'm so excited! I'm having lunch with Jen and Traci this week! Jen and I have been reading each other's blogs through our mutual friend Traci's. I've also decided Jen is my TV Twin.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The first season of Chuck comes out on DVD on September 16. The first episode of this season comes on September 29. Do the math! That gives you almost two weeks to catch up! Are you still sitting there? Go preorder now.

This show has what I like in a movie - a little of everything - comedy, action, romance. It also has that love triangle girl from What About Brian? and lots of fun guest stars.

I remember talking about this show at the beginning of last season to a non-television watching friend and she told me later she had caught it...turns out she had actually caught Pushing Daisies (with Chuck). I guess she also could have been watching Gossip Girl (with Chuck).

Now I've typed Chuck so many times it looks funny...

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Coming

FALL TV! (and new very busy background to celebrate!) Here's what I'll be watching/DVRing. (Only network shows are listed and only a few new shows so there is always the possibility that more will catch my eye and I'll watch those too). Date listed is it's premiere date.

All info below came from TV Guide's Fall Preview.

Desperate Housewives (September 28)
Brother's & Sisters (September 28)
Amazing Race (September 28)
Chuck (September 29)
Gossip Girl (September 1)
Biggest Loser: Families (September 16)
90210 (September 2, I have to at least check it out)
Fringe* (September 9, I have missed "Pacey" and you can't go wrong with a JJ Abrams show - think Lost, Alias)
Pushing Daisies (October 1)
Private Practice (October 1)
America's Next Top Model (September 3)
Survivor (September 18)
Kath & Kim* (October 9)
The Office (September 25, Can't. Wait.)
Grey's Anatomy (September 25)
Friday Night Lights (Starting in January unless someone with Direct TV wants to invite me over in the fall - premieres October 1 on DirectTV Channel 101)
Saturday Night Live (September 13)

Dancing with the Stars (September 22, I didn't regularly watch the last couple of seasons I just saw the new cast and it should be fun)
Samantha Who? (October 6)
Dancing with the Stars (September 23, unless I watch on Monday, the it will be "for sure")
Lipstick Jungle (September 24)
ER (September 25, Last Season!)

Knight Rider (please remember my experience the last time I took a trip down memory lane)

I'll also add Lost & The Bachelor when they return mid season. Project Runway continues and Top Design begins on Bravo. Am I forgetting anything else?


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ty's Daddy Next ABC Bachelor!

Lincee just posted and confirms Jason Mesnick is the next Bacehelor!!

And, the game is back on! Get ready to play!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics, Olympics, Olympics

That's all that's been on in our house (except for Army Wives). Jason probably wouldn't mind a little less (I kind of picked up on that when he insisted we watch a RERUN of Letterman last night instead of more Olympics). Between the fact that we are all interested in watching different sports and the fact that I'll watch swimming and then rewatch as I make any member of the family that missed it watch - it's been a lot. Just SOME things I've enjoyed so far:

  • Michael. Phelps. Sure it seems to be all about Michael but it's well deserved - AMAZING.
  • The Men's 400 Relay.
  • The drummers in the Opening Ceremony. Mesmerizing like a kaleidoscope.
  • That little boy walking with Yao Ming - he went back to rescue classmates after the earthquake because he was hall monitor and that was part of his job!
  • China.
  • Olympic venues, I am fascinated by the Cube.
  • Looking for Kerri Walsh's wedding ring.
  • The Office commercial with Jim's new Olympic sport.

I could go on and on, but I really need to pick up...or watch a little Olympics.

Friday, August 8, 2008

ooooo (Close as I Can Get to Olympic Rings on This Title)

Are you ready for the best of the best of Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe/Kayak, Cycling, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Handball, Judo, Mondern Pent., Rhythmic Gym., Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Sync. Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwando, Tennis, Track & Field, Trampoline, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weightlifting, & Wrestling? (And yes, I took those off the NBC website - I don't even know what some of them are!).

I'm excited - especially about swimming. But what excites me even more is that a lot has changed in the four years since the last summer Olympics. One thing being the prevalence of internet television viewing. So, if someone says "Hey, did you see that (fill in the blank)?, and I didn't - I'm pretty sure I'll be able find it on the internet so I don't fill like I missed out!
Update: I'm watching the Opening Ceremony - AMAZING!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who Is The Crazy Neighbor? (That's Me With My Hand Up)

What do I love besides my family and friends? Office supplies, television, and the internet (in no particular order). So I think it's understandable if I go a little bit crazy moving into our rental house on a Saturday and not getting cable hooked up until the next FRIDAY. So when nice Omar comes on Friday to install the cable, knocks on the door to let me know he is done and to see if I need anything else I say "no, that should be it" and I take off running (probably before the door shut) to start hooking everything up and to get everything going. First the DVR - hmmm, it's powered up, connected, and the television is on - why a black screen ? On to the computer - wait a minute, this thingy with a wire can't connect to this other thingy with a wire. I think, remain calm, I'm sure there is an easy fix to both of these problems and they can just come back and fix it. Then I remember that it took almost a week for this appointment. Unleash the crazy. I RUN outside and Omar is just rounding the corner (there is one house between us and this corner) and I start yelling (loudly) "HEY, HEY" and waving my arms. But Omar came back (told me I kind of scared him), showed me the cable box did work (I just had to move around a few cords) and gave me a connector for my other problem.

I gave him great scores on the telephone survey I completed a later that day!

So now the neighbors have two reasons to stay away from us: 1. They think I'm crazy and 2. Jason mowed until 10:30 one Welcome Wagon for us.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Award For Product Placement Done Well - Army Wives

That wasn't a random ACME delivery guy at Betty's (formerly known as the Hump Bar), it was a Tyson delivery man delivering Tyson products and yet I didn't feel like Tyson was being crammed down my throat. Most of the time, I feel, product placement isn't very subtle. Normally, it's screaming "LOOK AT ME, THE COMPANY THAT OWNS THE RIGHTS TO ME KNOWS YOU ARE FAST FORWARDING THROUGH THE COMMERCIALS AND SO I MUST CHEESE UP THIS OTHERWISE LOVELY SHOW YOU ARE WATCHING". They've also incorporated Ford in a much more subtle way than Alias (I miss you) ever did.

I sometimes wonder if product placement kind of backfires on companies because I am most likely not going to remember WHAT brand is being advertised, only how it was done. Was it Brother's and Sisters with the several second pause on some phone company product placement? It may as well of been ACME because I only remember that there was obvious product placement but not what the product placement was.

While I'm on Army Wives - I still think this show is SO GOOD! I love how quickly the story lines flow. Oh, and Joan can be in the Wives Club now!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rock the Reception!

My non-regular-television-watching-friend Michele recently told me about this show and it is so fun. Bride and Grooms surprise their guests with a choreographed fun dance as their first dance. It would be so fun to be at a reception where they did this! My favorite - and the one Michele told me about - is where the newlywed's first dance was to "You Can't Touch This". Of course the back story of his deployment and her breast cancer made it even more meaningful for them to lighten the mood at their wedding.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Emmy Nominations & My Picks

Here are some of the Emmy Nominations with my picks (my favorites, not necessarily who I think will actually win and mostly based on shows or people I enjoy). There were A LOT of categories I didn't list including miniseries or Made for Television Movies because I didn't see any of them (but go Claire Huxtable!). I also want it noted I think Friday Night Lights or and actor on that show should be somewhere on these lists.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series
Monk, Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk
The Office, Steve Carell as Michael Scott (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let him win)
Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace as Ned (would be my second pick)
30 Rock, Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy
Two And A Half Men, Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal, James Spader as Alan Shore
Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston as Walt White
Dexter, Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan
House, Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House
In Treatment, Gabriel Byrne as Paul
Mad Men, Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series
The New Adventures Of Old Christine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine Campbell
Samantha Who?, Christina Applegate as Samantha Newly
30 Rock, Tina Fey as Liz Lemon
Ugly Betty, America Ferrera as Betty Suarez
Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
Brothers & Sisters, Sally Field as Nora Holden-Walker (she makes me want to have three more children - now that's some acting!)
The Closer, Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson
Damages, Glenn Close as Patty Hewes
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson
Saving Grace, Holly Hunter as Grace Hanadarko

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
Entourage, Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold
Entourage, Kevin Dillon as Johnny Drama
How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
The Office, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute (of course!)
Two And A Half Men, Jon Cryer as Alan Harper

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Boston Legal, William Shatner as Denny Crane
Damages, Ted Danson as Arthur Frobisher
Damages, Zeljko Ivanek as Ray Fisk
Lost, Michael Emerson as Ben (he is so good at being creepy)
Mad Men, John Slattery as Roger Sterling
Rescue Me, Charles Durning as John Gavin, Sr.

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series
Desperate Housewives, Polly Bergen as Stella Wingfield
Desperate Housewives, Kathryn Joosten as Karen McCluskey (how is she only a guest?)
Monk, Sarah Silverman as Marci Maven
30 Rock, Carrie Fisher as Rosemary Howard
30 Rock, Edie Falco as Celeste “C.C.” Cunningham
30 Rock, Elaine Stritch as Colleen Donaghy

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series
Big Love Ellen Burstyn as Nancy Dutton
Grey’s Anatomy Diahann Carroll as Jane Burke
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Cynthia Nixon as Janis Donovan
Medium Anjelica Huston as Cynthia Keener
Nip/Tuck Sharon Gless as Colleen Rose

Outstanding Individual Performance In A Variety Or Music Program
80th Annual Academy Awards, Jon Stewart, Host
The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, Host
Late Show With David Letterman, David Letterman, Host
Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, Don Rickles, Performer
Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey, Host/Performer

Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program
American Idol, Ryan Seacrest
Dancing With The Stars, Tom Bergeron
Deal Or No Deal, Howie Mandel
Project Runway, Heidi Klum
Survivor, Jeff Probst (I think he is so funny during challenges, I also think Chris Harrison is funny too. Where is his nom?)

Outstanding Comedy Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
30 Rock
Two And A Half Men

Outstanding Drama Series
Boston Legal
Lost (such a great season!)
Mad Men

Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Late Show With David Letterman
Real Time With Bill Maher
Saturday Night Live

Outstanding Children’s Program
Classical Baby (I’m Grown Up Now): The Poetry Show
Hannah Montana
High School Musical 2
Nick News With Linda Ellerbee: The Untouchable Kids Of India
The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Outstanding Nonfiction Series
American Masters
Deadliest Catch (for sentimental reasons - we watched on vacation when Mackenzie was doing her treatment)
Inside The Actors Studio
This American Life

Outstanding Reality Program
Antiques Roadshow
Dirty Jobs
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List • Bravo • Picture This Television

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
THIS IS SO HARD, I CAN'T CHOOSE! Project Runway, Top Chef or The Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing With The Stars
Project Runway
Top Chef

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway Recap!!

"This is Project Runway." Yes it is Heidi, yes it is! The girls are at sleepovers and Jason is mowing so I'm going to type a bit as I watch (although let me preface by saying I am NO Lincee Ray of Bachelor Recap fame, I'm not nearly as clever, funny, or witty. Also, I don't sew or know much about sewing. Bet you are dying to keep reading.).

I'm so excited. I am especially excited that they aren't having any of the casting stuff. I always end up liking or being interested in someone that doesn't make the cut.

Jarell Scott, 28 - former model, had to make his own cool clothing when he moved to NY.
Blayne Walsh, 23 - Fashion designer for 6 years, loves tanning.
Joe Faris, 41 - Two girls, 5 & 9 are his main motivation.
Stella B. Zotis, 42 - Designs for rock stars, hookers and pimps. Hopes she doesn't get eliminated right away – does anyone?
Jennifer Diederich, 27 - Popped out of a spool of thread.
Kelli Martin, 27 - Started own store "Black Market".
Terri Stevens, 39 - Aerosmith, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson – now there is a dinner party. Really fast – she can make a three piece suit in 8 hours. (hmm…what if she had to make it out of candy wrappers, still only 8 hours?)
Jerry Tam, 32 - Actually doing very well as a designer, has his own company, is on the forefront of being a big name in the industry. He's also very modest J or they are editing him up for failure.
Suede, 37 - He has one name, he designed a lot of jeans. Tired of making millions for others, wants to make millions for Suede. Says his own name a lot.
Keith Bryce, 26 - Urban/Little Bit Rock. Apparently has bracelets with "WWHW" (What Would Heidi Wear?) Self taught designer was just "born with it". The needle in his hand had to hurt his mama when he was coming out.
Korto Momolu, 33 - Originally from Liberia West Africa, currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Shout Out! Said she was going to be the second woman and first African American to win…didn't knock on wood.
Leanne Marshall, 27 – Started a clothing line that I'm going to assume is spelled Leannimal? Or maybe Leanimal? Or Leanneimal? I'll google it later. I see pleats and ruffles.
Emily Brandle, 27 - (I'm probably going to be getting the three girls with brown hair and bangs mixed up a lot). Smoke and Mirror clothing.
Daniel Feld, 25 - Inspired by nature. (The last time I took a walk through the forest I did notice the leaves on that one tree looked like playing cards.)
Wesley Nault, 23 - Young, secure, clothes are divine (his words not mine).

To the roof! Tim's great as usual, Heidi teases that the first challenge is about to start and the contestants shake hands and exchange pleasantries.
Kenley Collins, 25 - Why didn't we meet her before the roof? I saw her in the background because she's one of my confusing brown hair with bangs girls. Made a BFF when she noticed Blayne's tanning and complemented his blue eyes. Print mixer.

4a.m. – Good morning Tim Gunn! Was a non-towel wearing person available to open the door?

FIRST CHALLENGE Create a look from items purchased at a grocery store.

Shopping, this all happens so fast – RTA (Random Thought Alert) Gristedes Mega Store. Oh no, I didn't see the first episode of the first season, what if I can't connect? Terri – Three piece suit made out of Fritos, and GO! $75, half an hour. I could maybe win this one. I would definitely win this one before an actual sewing one. Can I use a glue gun? Terri – mop heads? What about the Fritos? No Little Rock NOT THE KALE! Even I have learned to not use food during these challenges. Now something with the balls cut up could be interesting. Is Stella going to make a pair of pants for herself? To go over her striped tights and black boy shorts? Does he have a broom? Koosh balls – they still make those? I will never walk down the aisles of WM and look at anything the same way again.
Suede said whackadoodle (sp?). Maybe whackadoodle can be the new "fierce".
Jarell wishes Blayne would put his licious "back in his case, close it up and take it to the girl next door". Clearly Blayne is trying to create the new "fierce" but he didn't realize Suede had it covered with "whackadoodle".
Leanne notices other have tablecloths and this makes her nervous because she wanted to be different. Why, if you really wanted to be different would you pick the one thing in the store that resembles a few yards of fabric? Leanne – imagine if you will: Snack. Baggies. Hundreds of them, all filled with different foods in a variety of colors all sewn together like a patchwork quilt. Maybe I can be on this show!
Jerry's superior eyes see that people were just putting crap on top of crap (but Jerry, it was fertilizer on top of mascara so I think it's legal). People were just using stuff he throws away in the trash. Really Jerry? Three words, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
I'm with you Stella, I hate it when I buy trash bags and they are the cheap kind! Did she just say her fabric was trash? I'm so confused, I thought her fabric HOLDS trash. Now she says the aesthetic of the entire idea might turn out garbage. No, it HOLDS the garbage. Good grief.
Jerell is the first to give us a Tim Gunn impression; we can all breathe easy now.
Tim meet girlicious, girlicious meet Tim.
I think Daniel's model is going to hate him and his cup dress wow factor.
Why I Heart Tim Gunn…"Yeah, you should worry that it's just a tablecloth". Suede must be nervous. He's not nearly as talkative to Tim as he is to the camera.
Tim wants a big impact not just another paper dress from Korto. But Tim, it's not just a paper dress. It's a GIANT, YELLOW paper dress. I'm a little worried – are those cherry tomatoes refrigerated or not, that always a subject that stirs controversy.
Jerry, there are no tablecloths in "April Showers Bring May Flowers", the rain will ruin the tablecloth.
Keith, sorry, Tim had just seen one tablecloth too many by the time he got to you.
Suede to camera – "Focus Suede". All the reality shows must have one token third person talker.
Blayne is the first to finish his garment. Maybe he should keep working.

I don't know who you are but there is a camera behind you, you do not need to go digging.
Enter the models. Digger (I'm horrible with names) says "Alright, get naked". Someone is going to have to push some puppies in and Blayne is handstiching the crotch area. Those crazy kids.
Challenge Info: Tablecloth, Lawn Chairs, Cocktail Umbrellas & Koosh Ball
My Unprofessional Opinion: That sleeve reminds me of Rosie O' Donnell.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score
Challenge Info: Drawer Liners, Shoelaces, Jump Rope & Potholders
My Unprofessional Opinion: I'm speechless. My husband should have a photo of this for when he wants peace and quiet. He could just hold it in front of me.
Professional Opinions: In with the lowest scores.
Challenge Info: Grocery Items: Oven Mitts, Fusilli Pasta, Muslin & Tomato Can Labels – "Tomato Hot Plate Spaghetti Fusilli Dress"
My Unprofessional Opinion: Turned out pretty cute, especially since no tablecloths were harmed in the making of this dress.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score.
Challenge Info: Garbage Bags
My Unprofessional Opinion: Maybe she had her hooker clients in mind?
Professional Opinions: In with the lowest scores. Austin wishes for something more impressive than thread. (Spaghetti?) Heidi's not impressed.

Challenge Info: Paper Towels, Lipstick
My Unprofessional Opinion: Hey, it's not a tablecloth.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score.
Challenge Info: Vacuum Bags, Bleach, Dye, Coffee Filters, Thumbtacks, Notebook "Pretty ugly in a great way."
My Unprofessional Opinion: I really like the thumb tack area and down, I'm not sure about the bust area.
Professional Opinions: In with the highest scores. Nina – thinks it's great. Michael thinks she pushed the envelope. WINNER.
Challenge Info: Mop Heads & Tablecloth
My Unprofessional Opinion: Terri, I shouldn't have questioned the mop heads.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score.
Challenge Info: Shower Curtain, Tablecloth, Gauze, Napkins & Rubber Gloves
My Unprofessional Opinion: I don't like it but I did shout at the television for him to explain his "April Showers…" theme.
Professional Opinions: In with the lowest scores. Michael - Bridal nurse? ( Night out on the town) after she left the hospital. Heidi - Hospital plumber. AUF'ED.
Challenge Info: Tablecloth & Doggie Waste Bags.
My Unprofessional Opinion: Suede's hair matches the dress.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score. Not boring. Heidi – Playboy Bunny gone grunge. Michael – wrestling challenge.
Challenge Info: Tablecloth, Laundry Bags, & Car Shade
My Unprofessional Opinion: More car shade, less tablecloth.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score.
Challenge Info: Tablecloth, Kale, Bell Peppers & Cherry Tomatoes
My Unprofessional Opinion: It's still GIANT and YELLOW. But she did use what normally goes on top of the tablecloth so points for that.
Professional Opinions: In with the highest scores. Nina- Impeccably done. Michael-Right girl in the right dress styled the right way.
Leanne Marshall
Challenge Info: Tablecloth (yawn), Meringue Cookies, Coffee Filters, and Marshmallows.
My Unprofessional Opinion: The coffee filters look like giant versions of that craft you do with glue, tissue paper, and the eraser end of a pencil.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score.
Challenge Info: Tablecloth, Balloons, Napkins & Bouncy Ball.
My Unprofessional Opinion: Why is that piñata attacking that models head
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score

Challenge Info: 260 (not 259, not 261) plastic cups & muslin. "Sweetheart Cocktail Dress".
My Unprofessional Opinion: That is pretty impressive. Imagine what he could have done with 261 plastic cups.
Professional Opinions: In with the highest scores. All the judges like it (I think maybe because there isn't a tablecloth in sight).
Challenge Info: Tablecloth, Fly Swatter & Plastic Cups
My Unprofessional Opinion: Not too much on Wesley leading up to the runway…hmmmm…..
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score.
Challenge Info: Dodge Ball, Lawn Chair & Tablecloth
My Unprofessional Opinion: Stiff but fun.
Professional Opinions: Mid Range Score.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

October Road

If you watched October Road, you probably know it's been cancelled but I just found some information about how they are going to tie up all the loose ends - LIKE WHO IS SAM'S FATHER!? Click HERE!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday is the New Thursday

What night do you feel like your DVR might explode? Mine is usually Thursday. Now that it's summer, it's Sunday. Army Wives, The Next Food Network Star, Design Star, various movie for the kids...I'm so proud of it - it always keeps up!

Design Star - IT'S ABOUT TIME TRACEE WENT HOME! She can't blame it on editing. I'm sure even watching it, she still thinks nothing was ever her fault. Little sad about Mickey V. Was anyone else surprised Trish had a wedding ring? I thought for sure there was a little love connection between her and Mickey V. I really have no preference on who wins out of those that remain.

Army Wives - Please bring us more scenes where all the wives (including Roland) are together. Those are my favorites and there just haven't been enough this season. Looks like we'll have a little together time next week when the Hump Bar reopens.

The Next Food Network Star - Paula Deen, haven't you heard - if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Did you have to tell Lisa you HATED her mac and cheese? Couldn't you have stopped at "didn't like"? I'm sad Keley is gone, I liked her...hope it's Lisa or Aaron now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"I'm Sorry Nick"

Quote from Zulema Griffin on Season 2, Episode 8 of Project Runway after she requested the model "walk off" (how Zoolander of her!) and stole Nick's model.

Season 5 Project Runway starts this week. WATCH IT!

Also, has a fun gallery of past Bachelor/Bachelorette couples with a little write up of the last two "contestants"...let the memories begin HERE.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jesse & Deanna's Website

So, things did not go like I wanted them but Jason took it with class. Just came across this website for Jesse & Deanna and thought I'd share: Next episode - we have to go back to playing the game!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I. Can't. Wait. For. Tomorrow. Night.

I have watched every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette since the second season (Aaron's). I remember that I was at a Bunko that Deanna (not our current Bachelorette :)) hosted at her parent's house and she was wanting to watch. It was a night that changed my life forever. That my friends, is the most dramatic statement ever. Now, I can't NOT watch a season. There have been season's where I think I'm not going to watch but I am drawn to it. I've played games during seasons, read the message boards and blogs, watched with friends and on and on and on. Even though I've done all these things I must admit, it's been a LONG time since I've been as excited about a finale...maybe since Bachelorette Jen (Sheila, don't think I forgot how you watched the finale and pretended that you didn't when you watched with Liz, Leslee and me later that night). Now that I think about it, I think I just prefer the seasons when the women are doing all the picking.
I am super excited about the finale tomorrow. I've even been lurking at the message boards (those people are so funny and make me feel much better about myself). I hope she picks Jason and I'll be watching after my meeting - maybe I should skip it (just kidding, Mitzi).